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Weekly Blog 1/11/21- 5/11/21

This week has been really exciting our residents have been really busy. They have enjoyed a good pamper getting facials, manicures and have enlightened their day by listening to the power of music. Our lovely residents got physical in get fit exercise, where we did head to toe exercises. We also switched the activity up a little and used pom poms to make it more fun for our residents. This week we played bingo, "does your mother know that we played bingo", as our residents like to say. We played for a line and then the full house and had 2 games. Our residents were concentrating on the number so they didn't miss one, prizes were won. Our residents also got creative in arts and crafts where we created poppies and fireworks and made posters for remembrance day and bonfire night. A party was held for bonfire night. We have had karaoke afternoon which went down really well. We had numerous residents get up and sing that encouraged other residents to also have a go on the karaoke. It was amazing. We sang songs on the karaoke from their former days, lots of dancing and singing was involved. Warm, cold and alcoholic drinks were served with traditional pie and peas.