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Celebrating Cultures

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Celebrating Cultures

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Promoting respect, harmony and inclusion across our MMCG family

Our celebrating cultures initiative is all about embracing and celebrating diversity and the many cultures that we have represented across our MMCG family.

Whether with colleagues or the people living with us, this year will offer us a time to truly appreciate each other whilst discovering many new things.

A definition of celebrating cultures:

Providing understanding, inclusion and enjoyment which promotes happiness, respect and harmony between people and communities.

So, how can we celebrate our diverse cultures?

By enjoying delicious meals with others to experience a variety of tastes and textures.

By teaching others our traditional dances, music, arts and crafts.

By hosting festivals, cooking classes, art shows and other culturally-inspired events.

By sharing key historical information with others to help broaden understanding.

Our approach

Working hand-in-hand with our commitment to lifestyle and nutrition, we’ll celebrate cultures within our homes, our communities and our hearts, at least once a month.


A dedicated day for celebrating culture will take place on the last Thursday of each month.


The whole home will come together to celebrate, experience and embrace different cultures’ traditional dress, history, food, music, dance, art and beliefs.

Celebrations in our homes

Our culture, traditions, language and experiences are the foundations upon which we build our identity.

Through promoting this in our homes, we’ll have a positive impact on our own health and wellbeing as well as the people we care for. We’ll celebrate our identities to encourage confidence and self-esteem, with meaningful and engaging activities at the heart of it all.