Sporting Championship

We began a sporting championship this month, starting with darts. This enabled residents to become competitive in their gaming which many appeared to thoroughly enjoy. There is a respectful quietness when each player is throwing their darts and the room participates in adding up the score of the darts thrown. There were five rounds of three darts for each person and at the end of every session the scores were taken in and the winner of the days championship was announced winning themselves a winners certificate.

One resident in particular said they ‘are very proud of their achievement and the work they put into winning it’. So proud in fact they obtained a frame to have it framed and hung up in their bedroom. Therefore, every time someone came to see them, they could proudly show them a certificate of their achievement with a smile. By making the sport a championship it really engaged the residents and something for them to achieve.

Taking this into consideration due to the positive response we are going to continue in doing the sporting championship and just changing the sport quarterly. The next sport that the residents are looking forward to participating in is a carpet bowls championship.