Play At White Rose Lodge

This month the notion was to ‘play’. No matter the age ‘to play’ is vital to unlocking our creative selves and our subconscious. Taking this into consideration the residents were gathered together around a large table, with a large sheet of paper for all to share. Residents were invited to ‘play’ and unlock their inner child, using any materials and art supplies that were made readily available, in an attempt of creating a piece of artwork together. There were no rules, the only guidance was ‘to play’ of which residents appeared to enjoy and welcome the notion of playing. With some residents smiling and giggling, perhaps even reminding them of being a child and allowed to play.

The residents were all offered gloves and aprons with the suggestion they could get as messy as they would like and using their hands was an option. They did not need to use paint brushes or pencils, they could feel the paint with their hands to create a piece of art. There were paints, pencils, chalk pastels, oil pastels, pens, glue and craft materials. The residents fully applied themselves to the activity at hand and appeared to enjoy having fun! The residents and the atmosphere in the room felt relaxed while residents were free to ‘play’ whilst choosing favourite songs to listen to and chatting amongst themselves.