Parksprings Project

Parksprings 3 musketeers, our new project to keep busy and make a difference . The Summer house went up when Covid first started and was purchased with money we raised to replace the old worn out band stand . We have since fund raised and bought nice furniture for inside with plants and lights. We have some link which the maintenance team are going to lay, but the outside was looking a wee bit sad and needed some protection against the weather elements so once we all had a wee chat and the 3 musketeers volunteered to help out . We also have wee Harry and George wanting to lend a hand. We all chatted and a light colour was in favour to dark . We are working really hard on it and the difference is fabulous but it’ll need a few coats but we have lots of time to make it perfect.. keep watching this page to watch the progress of our musketeers and give them some Encouragement. Well done everyone.