Opening of our new tuck shop at Belmont House

Belmont House Care Home on High Street, Starbeck in Harrogate are delighted to announce the opening of our new residents’ tuck shop. Our shop was opened in the memory of residents at Belmont House who lived with us over a period of 5 years. Husband and Wife both loved the home so much that after his wife passed away whilst he was still at the home, he donated a sum of money to the home to enable something to be purchased in their memory. 

During his stay with us we regularly went out shopping to various outlets to purchase seasonal goodies and artefacts for Christmas or Easter and after he passed away we thought it would be a fitting  tribute to them to open a tuck shop in their name.   

The shop is a self-funding and all the proceeds go into replacing stock and replenishing new items which the residents have requested. Activity coordinator Ellen says “he so loved popping to the shops that I thought how wonderful it would be if we had our own mini shop selling old style sweets and other essential supplies they needed at Belmont House for those residents who weren’t able to get to shop for themselves. We then asked the residents around the home what they most missed from the old days and stocked up on the sweets and crisps they loved.  For the residents who are unable to make it to the shop we have a fully stocked trolley which goes around all the floors every day and they love the old scales.  It takes them back in time.”

Why not pop into to the home for a coffee and visit the shop and have a cup of coffee with us.  Our door is always open so come anytime.  We pride ourselves on being part of the community and you are part of our community whenever you need us.