Dough Craft

Residents at Heeley Bank have been involved in dough craft. We thought it would be a great activity for everyone to get involved with. The residents like making things, they have made the dough themselves, it is very simple to make using just flour, salt and water mixed together well to make a thick dough ready for shaping and moulding.

The residents enjoyed rolling, kneading and cutting the dough and decided to make hanging hearts. It was great to see them getting creative and being active, the activities help engage the mind and provide interaction and communication with others in the home. Activities such as this help maintain eye and hand coordination and encourage stimulation of the brain that offer pleasure to those engaging in enjoyable activities. One of the residents said, “The texture of the dough feels really nice on my hands.”

Once the hearts had been created the activities coordinator baked them and the residents painted them, ready to be hung up on a tree in the garden.