Claremont Manor at The Eat Festival

Last Sunday, Claremont Manor made a memorable impression at the highly anticipated Eat Festival in Dawlish. The event, which drew food enthusiasts from near and far, saw our complimentary sweet and savoury snacks become the talk of the day. Our Head Chef Connor made a delicious Apple and Pear Chutney, served with cheese and biscuits, alongside Honeycomb Crunchie Tiffin’s and Blondies and Brownies. Festivalgoers couldn’t get enough of our carefully curated treats, which were praised for their exquisite taste and quality.

The festival provided a brilliant opportunity for us to engage with the community. It was lovely to get out and about, meeting so many wonderful people who share a passion for good food. The warm reception we received from everyone truly made the day special. We look forward to future events where we can continue to share the Claremont Manor experience that our residents receive every day.