Christmas Eve Gift

We received a wonderful email on Christmas Eve from three wonderful young ladies, Lacey, Eva and Sienna. We thought you'd enjoy their  email.

Hello and happy Christmas Eve to all at Rosedale

Lacey, Eva and Sienna brought the £200 they have raised to you on Christmas Eve for your staff and residents to spend as you wish.

They are 3 cheerleaders who have been raising money for the associated cost of their sport. They dream of travelling and taking part competitions in the UK and around the world. All their fundraising is done through a Facebook page called Fliptastic Designs, where they make gifts and run raffles.

Their last raffle they decided they would like to give to the community. Between them they bought and made a Mini Christmas Shop raffle and chose to donate every penny received to you at Rosedale.

They hope it makes a little difference and I know that they would love to hear from you in the future about how you decide to spend the money raised.

Hear is a little video they made for you.

Have a very merry Christmas xxx