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Celebrating International Nurses Day 2021 at MMCG

If a nurse declines to do these kinds of things for her patient, ‘because it is not her business’, I should say that nursing was not her calling.

- Florence Nightingale

International Nurses Day, 12th May, is a celebration of nurses around the world. The date marks the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth - the founder of modern nursing.

This year at MMCG, we are also taking the opportunity to reflect on the vital work that nurses do within the care sector and ensuring we celebrate their efforts. The theme for International Nurses Day 2021 is ‘Nurses: A Voice to Lead - A vision for future healthcare’, so we’ve given members of our own nursing team the opportunity to share their voice. We’ll also take a closer look at the future of healthcare, and how MMCG’s nurses will help to transform their profession.

Naturally, nursing and caring are at the very heart of what we do. Across our 80 homes, we have over 500 fully qualified nurses who play a vital role in creating safe, caring places to live. Nurses play an integral role in delivering our services to those who live in our homes, ensuring that we can deliver the best quality care.

What do our nurses love about their job?

Selina chose to pursue a career in nursing because she wanted to be able to support those in her care more closely. Currently studying as a Trainee Nurse Associate, she says, “I now enjoy being in a much more clinical role and love to carry out the job well, giving the best I can for those who reside in the home. I am pleased I can progress in my career, reaching my true potential in the profession.”

Adriana also became a nurse because she loves to help people, going out of her way to give that bit more. Every ‘thank you’ received reaffirms the satisfaction and pride she feels in her role. She is always amazed and inspired by those who live in her home and loves to learn about their past, their hobbies and their previous careers. She feels it is a privilege to be able to provide and care for them and relishes the great feedback from the families, which motivates her even more.

Kier embraced a career in nursing and never looked back. Now a Home Manager, he is proud to have been a nurse and will always champion their roles in society. For Keir, he chased a career in nursing so that he could make a difference in people’s lives.

How do we support our nurses?

Usually, the care industry is renowned for high staff turnover. That is why we do what we can to support our nurses with their career progression, and we always strive to make sure they feel appreciated and valued. Chief Nursing Officer, Anna Masheter is a fantastic example of this. She became a nurse at MMCG in 2012, then progressed to Home Manager, Clinical Development Nurse, Specialist Nurse Consultant, before her current role. She is now responsible for supporting other nurses on their own journeys.

Adriana Sentes has been a nurse for almost 14 years. With responsibility for both her practical nursing role and leadership of a team of carers, it is so important for our nurses to have somewhere to turn to for support themselves. From working in a children’s hospital in Romania, Adriana moved to Manchester and has greatly benefited from the ongoing support and training provided at MMCG to develop her career.

Kier believes that there is something special about working as a nurse in a care home. He believes that it is the relationship that has been forged between the residents, relatives, and colleagues. The human connection humbles him and Kier is very thankful to be working for MMCG. He believes that the world of nursing is very diverse, with many career pathways that can be chosen. He states, “caring should be at the heart of any pathway or career you take in nursing.”

What does the future hold?

With the theme for 2021 IND being ‘A vision for future healthcare’, we investigated how our nurses see their future. Here at MMCG, we believe in offering the best learning and development opportunities in the care industry. We want our staff to access the training they need to develop their skills and knowledge; to be the best they can ensure they can, right here at MMCG.

Selina Wilson is a Trainee Nurse Associate. As she suffers from dyslexia, she has valued the opportunity to slowly build up her qualifications, as it makes the process of learning much easier. After completing the TNA course, Selina would love to complete her full nursing degree. She feels that “once you’ve found your role, and you know where you want to be, you want to stay.” For Selina, the care industry offers something more than hospital practice – the time and space to build relationships and rapport with those you work with. She can’t imagine herself anywhere else than MMCG.

Adriana hopes to apply for the Advanced Clinical Practise MSc development course and is confident that she has the full support of her managers should she achieve her place. For those wishing to pursue a career in nursing, she says “you must be a good team leader with clear communication, to make sure your team is happy. Take responsibility, and ensure you are accountable for your actions.”

How We Are Celebrating International Nurses Day 2021

During the annual commemorative IND service at Westminster Abbey, a lamp is used, which signifies the passing of knowledge from one nurse to another. Florence Nightingale was given the name ‘Lady with the lamp’, so this really is a special moment. On the Sunday after her birthday, a service is held in St Margaret’s Church, East Wellow, Hampshire, where Florence Nightingale is buried. But what are we doing at MMCG to commemorate IND?

This year we’re sending every one of our nurses a small gift of appreciation - an engraved water bottle to express our thanks. Everyone within the company recognises how hard nurses work, so we support them and celebrate them. On the day itself (as with any great British celebration of course), there’ll be plenty of cake and biscuits and a moment to pause and reflect on all we’ve achieved this past year. Anna Masheter says, “to every single nurse, in every home across the group. On behalf of myself, MMCG and CWCH, a big thank you to all!”