Care Awards at White Rose Lodge

This year, White Rose Lodge brought the Care Awards to the home. It was a day of celebrations. Coming together as a team and a community, celebrating not only nominations for Best Chef and Best New Comer but also celebrating the team in its entirety, for all their dedication and hard work throughout what can only be described as a testing year, mentally, physically and emotionally. It was a wonderful sight to behold, gathered together again and listening to sounds of laughter and chatting amongst residents and staff alike.

The atmosphere felt warm, welcoming and light hearted. It gave everyone a chance to enjoy the company of each other enjoying nibbles and drinks. The nominations were streamed live through the television and although we did not have any winners, we cheered alongside those who did. We would like to say a big congratulations to everyone throughout Maria Mallaband for their ongoing commitment and dedication to their work. We are looking forward to creating more opportunities to bring both residents and staff together again very soon.