Birthday Tea Party at Earsdon Grange

It’s always sad when we have to say goodbye to one of our residents but what made it more bittersweet was that George Smith had a birthday coming up.  His family contacted us after the funeral and donated some money so that George’s good friends at Earsdon Grange could have a tea party in his memory with a glass of his favourite tipple. 

We set up our coffee shop and went buffet shopping for all of our favourites and didn’t forget George’s favourite wine.  We had sandwiches, mini sausages, pies and quiche as well as some lovely cakes.  We organised for all of the residents to come along for a tea party in memory of George in February.  Here we all are having a drink to celebrate our friend George’s birthday and time with us at Earsdon Grange.  We had such a lovely afternoon reminiscing about our stories of George and raised a glass to him.