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Carers Appreciation Day

Carers Appreciation Day

MMCG’s first Carers Appreciation Day took place on Wednesday 30th June 2021. After observing International Nurses Day in May, MMCG chose to create a new event to specifically celebrate their 3,500 paid carers who work across the group.

A special gift was sent to every carer within the group on the day as a small token of appreciation, acknowledging their hard work and to demonstrate the gratitude of all those who live and work in MMCG’s care homes.

When many people were required to stay and work at home, carers, among other key workers continued to work as normal. MMCG recognises the heroic response from its carers during the Covid-19 pandemic, acting with commitment, patience, and resilience, to ensure the consistency of their care was unwavering. The pandemic has certainly presented challenges for MMCG’s Carers, but through it all, they made sure that the daily lives of those living in the homes was as consistent as possible.

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