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We think we’re a great company to work for, but don’t just take our word for it – see below some testimonials from staff across our Care Homes:

“I have worked for the company for almost two years, and I can wholeheartedly say I have enjoyed every minute! The staff are genuine and caring who make everyday different and special, the residents are a joy and make my job worthwhile. The management are supportive and approachable and always have an open door. I have made many long lasting friendships and am forever grateful for the opportunity the company have given me.”

Holly, Bank Care Assistant/Domestic Assistant

“When I started four years ago I wasn’t sure what to expect having never worked in a care home before, but now I couldn’t imagine leaving this amazing family of colleagues, residents and the company. I am supported by staff and management, and love being able to chat with the residents. It is so nice to wake up in the morning and be happy that I’m going to work, to make a difference with the rest of the team to other people’s lives.”

Lucy, Chef

“I love to help and care for the residents, good company to work for.”

Wendy, Care Assistant

“I enjoy coming to work and I enjoy my job, the manager here is brilliant.”

Brenda, Laundry Assistant

“I love my job, I love the residents, the company offers lots of training, support and opportunities.”

Kay, Senior Care Assistant

“Good company to work for with no limits on training and opportunities.”

Joanne, Senior Care Assistant

“I have worked for MMCG for almost four years and I have no inclination to go elsewhere. Every job has its ups and downs, but I’ve been happy here for 90% of the time. I am living proof that promotional opportunities exist within the company as I was promoted from care assistant to administrator two years ago, and I’ve never looked back.”

Sam, Administrator

“I love working for this company as it is so rewarding in many ways. I have been promoted several times and love my job as it’s extremely rewarding. The people are great to work with, good working conditions and good benefits and incentives from the company.”

Michelle, Registered Care Manager

“The staff are very welcoming and friendly. They have made me feel very welcome since recently commencing my employment for the company. I am very supported by my manager and definitely feel appreciated.”

Susanna, Deputy Manager

“I like the variation in my job role. It has helped me develop my knowledge and experience as I have never worked in a nursing home before. I enjoy working with the staff team, they are friendly and approachable and I feel I can go to my manager for support.”

Angela, Administrator

“I worked as an Administrator at a care home which was bought by Maria Mallaband Care Group in 2005. Being a staff member of a home that has been taken over is probably one of the most daunting situations that I have been in, but the transition could not have been any better. Philip Burgan and his, then small team, were there every step of the way to ensure everybody within the home felt safe and secure and, even though the Company has grown considerably since then, it is a policy that still continues. My hard work was recognised and I was promoted to Marketing Coordinator in 2012 – life has never been better. Seeing the Directors with their hands on approach and down to earth attitude has made a massive difference as to how the Company functions; we feel like one big happy family, with people that care.”

Jackie, Head Office

“It is the complete opposite from all the other job roles I have undertaken. I feel I am delivering proper care within the home. I like the new challenges that are arising, which is boosting my confidence within my role.”

Cameron, RGN

“As a nurse for MMCG and CWCH, it was a breath of fresh air to see that managers have a real insight to our residents and our own needs as staff, this is because most of them have worked their way up from being a nurse or carer on the floor supporting our residents with their needs.”

Anna, RGN
“Our services strive to achieve the very best care for our residents and this is shown in the happiness our residents display whilst being in our homes. I am proud to be a nurse working in the independent sector and it is fantastic to be given opportunities to develop my own skills personally and professionally.”

Charity, RGN
“Nurses in MMCG and CWCH are made to feel they make a difference to the lives of those who we care for and their families. We also have the right staff and support in place to ensure that resident safety is maintained and that we can work as autonomous practitioners. As a nurse I work alongside a team of nurses, care practitioners, senior care staff and care staff who are all skilled to ensure that our residents have the very best care possible.”

Bogdan, RGN
“I do not expect to be rewarded for doing my job, however as a nurse I have been nominated for our internal care awards which has shown me that our senior managing teams do care about the staff that are in our homes.”

Kris, RGN