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Hi all

Well, we had a wonderful day celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! A local school were visited, and entertained us with song and Irish dancing. Later on we took a small group of residents to see the street parade and were lucky enough to get really close! Needless to say, our ladies enjoyed every minute! Too many photo’s were taken to put up on our blog, so we will just have to let you see a glimpse of it!

We are once again gearing up for Easter, at Ard Mhacha. Our ladies have helped us decorate bonnets and colour in lettering…we’re by far not finished yet! We are hoping the Harvest Church choir will be visiting us and the Armagh Pipers will be coming to entertain us on Monday 6th April, with beautiful music whilst we nibble away on large Easter Eggs!We would also take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy and Blessed Easter weekend!
Ard Mhacha  (3) (400 x 300)

Ard Mhacha  (2) (400 x 300)

Ard Mhacha  (1) (400 x 300)