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Parksprings care home staff, families and friends have taken part in a fund raising step challenge to raise money for the residents comfort fund.

Staff attached step counters to there uniforms and marched around the home collecting points. Standing still was a challenge as the competitive spirit was high. Residents laughed as staff tried to out do each other. Resident Betty Cameron said if only we were a few years younger we could give it a go.

Carer Tam Robinson won the step challenge with a huge score of 21000 steps, followed closely behind by housekeeper Sharon white. To celebrate the great success of the day we held a presentation party which everyone was invited. Kirk James provided the great entertainment and helped present the trophy to tam Robinson for first place.

Residents clapped and cheered as tam received the trophy. Everyone who participated in our “step to challenge” received special certificates made by receptionist Chantelle. It was a great day and a great party as Charlotte Chief provided a great buffet for everyone and the final count revealed a fantastic amount of £380.

Congratulations to each and everyone who participated in making the day a great success and raising a great amount for our comfort fund.

Parksprings step challenge

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