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Parksprings Care Home invited Connie Postelthwaite from Local Haven Charity based in Blantyre, which have a new drop in centre that has just opened next to Wishaw General Hospital. Connie was presented with a donation that the residents raised from a hand crafted blanket which has taken months to complete with the help from residents, families, friends, Fir Trees Nursery and Elizabeth Williamson. Connie was asked to draw the winning raffle ticket with resident Marjory Brown. Jane O’Neil, also resident at Parksprings, presented Connie with a donation of £50 cash to go towards the Haven Charity from all at Parksprings Care Home. Connie was delighted and said it was a great help towards their funds. It was very much appreciated especially since everyone had worked so hard to raise the money.

The winning ticket went to Morag Andrews a close friend to resident Gordon Williamson. Morag donated the blanket to resident Catherine Harland.
Blanket Raffle (3)

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