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The garden work continues in our courtyard area.

Elizabeth Williamson, wife of resident Gordon, helped transform the area with a variety of bedding plants, shrubs, strawberries, mint, lavender, chives, solar lights with pretty flower heads wrapped in the centre of the trees and hanging baskets surrounded the courtyard.

French Marigolds filled the beds and the courtyard is starting to take shape.

Chantelle, our receptionist borrowed the jet wash in her yellow marigolds and battered the tiles with the force of the water.

We will be continuing with the garden work days every Friday for the next few weeks.

Anyone wishing to help and participate are most welcome.

Thank you to Elizabeth and Chantelle for all their hard work.

Garden Helper (2)

Helen Brown's daughter gardening (2)

Mrs Williamson Gardening (2)

Mr Brown Gardening (2)

Gardening helpers (2)