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Our aim at Buckingham House is to create a homely, relaxed atmosphere where everybody is treated with dignity and respect. We want everybody to feel welcome and to know that we deliver professional care and support to residents and their families and friends. We are committed to maintaining excellent standards of care and continually strive to improve the care we provide. At Buckingham House we are passionate about the care we provide to our residents and their families.

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Buckingham House Care Home
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Gerrards Cross

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We were delighted with the outcome of the February 2017 CQC inspection and are committed to working with our residents, their families, and Health & Social Care professionals to continually improve and develop our services.

We were pleased with many of the positive observations the CQC noted in their report, including:

  • People and their relatives told us they felt valued by staff. They felt there were positive relationships between staff and people who lived in the home. We observed this in action. For instance we saw people laughing with staff in an appropriate manner. Staff spoke respectfully to people. Where people liked to have a joke we could see staff were able to join in while maintaining a professional boundary. People were supported to celebrate special events. One person told us “Yes they did on my birthday. They laid on a party for me, and no one told me about it and what a surprise! They made me a cake, we had finger food and it was wonderful. I cried. They’re a good bunch here.”

  • People told us they received the care they required and felt included in discussion about their care. One person told us “I have been here for four years; it’s the best in every way. The caring is very good; the staff are wonderful, never too much trouble. They bring food to my room, as I can’t get up as I am not very well.” We observed many interactions of staff ensuring people were given choice, for instance, staff would routinely ask “Would you like me to leave the door open or would you like me to close it?” “Would you like your radio on?” and “Are you warm enough?”

  • Staff spoke passionately about the work they did. One member of staff told us “You have to care, that’s what it is all about.” Another member of staff told us “I absolutely love it here, everybody is interesting.” Staff we spoke with respected they worked in a person’s home, and felt they had time to be responsive to people’s needs. For instance one staff member told us, “If someone doesn’t want to get up in the morning, that’s their choice. That is one thing I have noticed here there is no set routine and no pressure on people to conform. I really like working here, I love it.” The caring nature of the staff was summarised by a person who said, “They are all very nice and if they weren’t I would be out of here like a shot.” Staff were aware of the need to involve advocates when needed. Advocacy gives a person independent support to express their views and represent their interests. People who choose to discuss end of life care had their wishes documented. The registered manager told us they have an area of interest in end of life care and are passionate about getting it right.

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