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Well what a busy week, as Christmas is nearly upon us and yes with lots of trees to decorate.

To begin the week one of our carers did Play your card is right with the residents. Then we had Ludo, Bingo, Weekly Xmas Quiz, Hairdresser and Hand Care, Hangman, Chair Exercise and Carpet Bowles naming a few of the activities.

We made Xmas crackers and wrapped Xmas presents for under our trees which our Residents helped with.

We still have lots to look forward, as next week we have Xmas Carol’s with the Vicar, Flower arranging, and Wetherby Musical Theatre Group are coming to do a Xmas concert and not to forgot we have our finishing touches to add to our doorstep challenge and the home ready for the Festive season and Residents Xmas Party on Saturday the 13th of December.

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christmas time (300 x 400)

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