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We had a wonderful day at the seaside, although it wasn’t very sunny it was still warm and we still enjoyed a pleasant stroll along the promenade. It was lovely to see families playing on the beach and here the

Our residents are always keen to help out on a shopping trip. Today we went to the market and bought flowers, sweeties and other personal items. The weather was perfect for a stroll around the bustling town, we then called

At least once a month we open the doors to our bistro for the day and welcome everyone in for tea, coffee, biscuits and cake. It was so lovely to have family and friends around to enjoy the music and

On Sunday we held a coffee afternoon and raffle in aid of the local Tommy Appeal to purchase Tommy Soldier silhouettes for the town in remembrance of those that gave their lives in the first World War. A huge thank

Darts is a regular favourite amongst our residents.

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