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Today was an emotional day at Mary Chapman Court – our beloved manager, Sharon Forster, is moving on, and today was her last day. But instead of being sad, in true Mary Chapman Court spirit we threw her a party to remember.

Kerry (deputy) and Kathy (activities) made various cakes, including a diabetic lemon cake (thanks Kerry!). We had delicious real coffee, and several types of tea to choose from.

Sharon was presented with some parting gifts including; two cards signed by the residents and staff; some jewellery chosen by her deputy, Kerry; a bouquet of flowers from all the staff. We will miss you Sharon, but we look forward to the future and meeting the new management team in due course. For now, we’re happy to be in the very capable hands of Kerry Rhodes-Burns.

Here follow some photos of the day. Sharon is pictured in red, and Kerry is the one with the fancy coffee.