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We’ve been busy little bees at Mary Chapman Court this Easter.
You name it, we’ve done it: glass painting, colouring, decorating Easter bonnets, making an Easter Wreath, egg painting… it’s all happening here.
Everyone has chipped in and had a go at something new, and the level of participation from the residents and friends of the home has been wonderful. We’ve had plenty of Easter raffle donations too, so big thanks for everyone who was generous enough to jettison their unwanted items our way! But one person has stood out particularly in her unlimited exuberance, and that person is our very own Monica – she has done ALL of the colourings you can see in the pictures, and even more that have been put up elsewhere. Mary Chapman Court is a far brighter place with all her new artwork adorning the walls.
Thanks also to Grace, Lina, Margaret, Ethel, Gladys and everyone else who had a crack at something.
Happy Easter everyone!