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Fun update for last week at Birch Heath Lodge

Monday 1st – Coffee Morning and 1-1s with residents.
Lots of laughter and catching up as Maxine, our activities co-ordinator, had been away the week before.

Tuesday 2nd – Easy chair exercises
Lots of attendances today. Everyone had a relaxing and fun exercise with some singing throw in to the Hokey Cokey. Lovely time had by all. Our residents look forward to this. Sat afterwards and talked about Royal Family and the celebration of the Coronation.

Wednesday 3rd – Manicures and 1-1’s
Manicures are well received by our residents. This gives Maxine a chance to do a little pampering and have a 1-1 and reminiscence with our residents.

Thursday 4th – Book Club and 1-1’s
Maxine went around to all our residents and exchanged books and discussed ones read and ones of interest. The residents love to have a chat and enjoy reading.