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Our Easter Display began back in January, we held a meeting for residents input for our “door step challenge”. A few good ideas came into light but the musical “Easter Parade” was the favourite. So a wee trip was called for to one of our haunts “the cotton print” fabric factory in Glasgow. The staff there are great and have got to know our residents. The staff treat them like royalty getting them a chair, making them cups of tea and they enjoy the banter and the Glesga patter.

Our residents enjoyed choosing various fabrics, silver satin for the manequin (judy garland) white felt a must for the spats and tuille in pink,white, red, black, blue and purple to make 1920’s hats. The activity room was like a backstage theatre/costume room with everyone sewing by hand. We managed to make forty 1920’s hats for residents and staff. We even roped one of our resident’s daughter’s, Dorothy into helping. She made 10 beautiful straw easter hats. The costume department was well underway.

The set was built, residents and staff made a back drop consisting of “fred astaire” in top hat and tails, the flower shop and the couple of swells which are a big part in the movie. Residents joined in the floral art group to give the set some lovely spring colours. One resident painted a large acquired from the kitchen, used a piece of dowling, oasis ball and tissue leaves to make a box hedge pot. It looks amazing and she was delighted with the outcome.

We also hand made easter decorations for our lounges.

On the 23rd March we had our own Easter Parade. Glennie residents, staff and family members dressed up to the nines. We had John Toner dressed up as Fred Astaire with top hat, suit, spats and a cane.
Elspeth McKay, Deputy Manager as Judy Garlind, Bridie & Anne as a couple of swells, Kelsey, Mandy, Lesley, Lauren, Jacky, Fiona and Jane who all put their glad rags on.

Thank you to everyone who took part in making the display and making the day so successful. Also a special thank you to little Gem for the entertainment.