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Jessica Joinson & Charlee Capewell
For eight days Charlee & Jess had pureed meals only and thickened every drink with resource thickener, to raise awareness and raise money for the Alzheimer’s society.
It all started with a course the two girls went on ‘DYSPHAGIA’ which means Difficult swallowing, and thought it would be helpful to understand the diet requirements if they experienced it themselves, and linked it to a fund raising campaign for the Alzheimer’s society.
The food was quite normal but it all had to be pureed, things like macaroni cheese, cauliflower cheese, and spaghetti bolognaise even beef stew and lots of mash potato, both girls agreed it did fill you up and they didn’t feel hungry. Drinks were thickened with resource thickener, fruit juice was o.k. Charlee said but tea and coffee had a very strange texture with the thickener.
From day three both girls said they were beginning to feel really drained and grumpy, as the week progressed both felt the effects of being tired with no energy. Jessica said the food was o.k. it was the lack of a normal drink to quench your thirst was the worst effect, having a continual dry mouth was very difficult.
Now the week is over, both have lost weight and gone back to normal diets, but find their appetites haven’t returned, and small amounts of food does now fill them up, but have found the experience a valuable exercise in understanding this condition.
Jessica and Charlee would like to thank everyone for their fantastic support, and have been told by their employers MMCG care homes all the money they raised will be matched by them, not all the moneys in yet said Jessica but we should have a total of around £300 matched by MMCG will bring a total of £600 for the Alzheimer’s Society.