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Over the Easter period, our first Easter themed activity was baking cakes in Baking Club. We made delicious Easter Nest cakes with Mini eggs on top. It was great fun as everyone was having a taste as they mixed the ingredients together. All the Arts and Crafts sessions we’re Easter themed, some residents created their own Easter bonnet using paints, chicks, eggs, ribbons, stickers, felt, pipe cleaners and foam shapes. Some of the ladies were advising each other on how to decorate and what colours to use on their hats. They all complemented each others and was proud of their own. We all decorated a double sided Easter wooden egg which we attached ribbon to make it hang from the ceiling. We added this to a display in reception. We also stuck together coloured paper to make daffodils and added them to a fence for the display. Residents enjoyed painted mini rabbit money boxes and putting ribbons round their necks also for the display, whilst making them we gave them funny names such as Harry Hop-a- lot! We painted and decorated polystyrene eggs which was so much as we all ended up painted our hands too! Some residents drew flowers on theirs, whilst others painted them and covered them in glitter. We then added them onto a white twig tree and placed them in to Easter baskets and nests filled with yellow and green shredded tissue paper. It was great seeing everyone get creative! We decorated the reception with chicks, chocolate eggs, the crafts we’d made, Easter confetti, flowers that residents arranged in to vases and added 4 large Rabbits and a wheelbarrow filled with Fresh Vegetables, on a bed of Hay, with a fence around it. We wanted to stick to the of spring with daffodils and healthy eating with the wheelbarrow of veg rather than chocolate, although we did sneak a little in!
Table ins Reception
Wheelbarrow Close up
Window in Reception
Reception Area