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Charlie Yates Activities/Care assistant from Cavendish Court will be doing a Sky Dive to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society.
The date for the jump is Friday 25th November, In Lancaster at 8am in the morning.

Charlie said that she has chosen to fundraise for the Alzheimer’s society as she has witnessed first hand the difficulties families face when a loved one is diagnosed or is living with this disease.
Alzheimer’s is an Illness that affects over 850 ,000 people in the UK. It makes people forget the simplest things from there names to recognising family members and this is heart breaking for everybody. Charlie believes that Alzheimer’s is one of the cruellest disease out there, it slowly creeps into a persons life taking away their ability to remember their life, how to speak, walk.
By raising money for Alzheimer’s we will be helping the Society work towards finding a cure

She also said what better way to fundraise for a charity, than jumping out of a plane and throwing myself 15,000 feet back to land AND hoping that I descend safely on the ground HAHA

To sponsor Charlie please go to
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