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December was very busy here at Cavendish Court.
We started early making decorations to put on our tree for the Christmas Tree Festival at our Local Methodist Church. The theme was our activities at the home and we worked with students from the Girls school who are completing their bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. After the festival we put the tree in our foyer which was decorated with almost everything handmade by the residents for the doorstep challenge. It looked Great!
We put the trees and decorations up and the home looked lovely, especially for when we held our Afternoon Tea Party with Mulled wine and Mince Pies which everyone enjoyed.
The girls school invite us over to watch the nativity rehearsals and we always enjoy watching the nursery and toddlers sing. It was so warm this year we could walk over to the school!
We have many residents involved in the church and besides our monthly church service we also had the choir from Mottram St. Andrew join us for carols.
Another Local School in Wilmslow hold a coffee and Carol morning and this is always a favourite as the pupils make all the mince pies and cake themselves and they are delicious.
Musical Moments came with their Christmas theme and we sang and danced to the music, did our exercises, played air guitar and had a fabulous time. We hope to get Mel in again in the new year.
Our Christmas party was really enjoyed by everyone, music and singing with Alison Moss, and our very knowledgeable residents had no trouble identifying the songs from the few notes that she played. She started off the Christmas raffle and one of our residents was overjoyed to win the super Christmas Hamper which was the first prize. There were many other winners and it was a lovely day.
As a treat we turn our regular coffee morning into a ‘special’ coffee morning by adding a little something to the coffee! This year the favourite was Baileys but the amaretti Liqueur also proved quite popular, needless to say no one turned down a top up! We also had some speciality German gingerbread biscuits which were really nice.
It’s becoming a tradition now to have a Mince Pie Tasting, where we compare different makes of pies. We are very thorough and mark the pastry, the filling and the decoration before we declare the winner with the highest score and celebrate with a cup of tea as we finish off the leftovers!
Christmas Eve was celebrated with Margaret Ferguson and Jonathan who delighted us with her range, from ballads to opera. Her stunning voice really moved Albert, our 100 year old Opera Buff, who claimed her sensational.
Christmas Day saw a lovely present for every resident and family members and friends joined in with our Christmas Day lunch which was delicious. The staff made it special by playing games and doing puzzles, so every resident had fun and company.
Boxing Day was a family day filled with visits, cake and sleeping.
We all enjoyed our Christmas season and look forward to next year to do it all again!