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Today we had a visit from the ZOOLAB with a few exotic animals. Some of us were a wee bit apprehensive at first but soon settled in to enjoy seeing, touching and stroking the animals. The Ranger told us all

Today we all fancied chocolate, strawberries and marshmallows… so why not put hem all together! Our chocolate fondue was a real treat. Quite messy but certainly worth it! So enjoyable!

Today we made fruit smoothies using a variety of fruits. They were absolutely delicious and we can’t wait to make these again when we will try different fruits next time.

Some of our residents enjoy lending a helping hand around the home, such as helping staff to dust, lay the dining room table or pair socks from the laundry basket.

Here’s one of our favourite entertainers who visited to perform for us. We danced along and enjoyed the new songs she had added to her set list.

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