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Here we are enjoying the fruits of our labour at our British Food Fortnight Big Banquet! On the run up to the event we designed our own three course menu together before getting together to sample our winning meal! Bon

We went to India for National Curry Day! We sampled 5 different curries, rice dishes and sides including poppadoms and some chutneys to explore the exciting flavours that India has to offer.

Following on from designing our own menus for Food Fortnight, we started preparations for our big banquet by making our bread to go with the Starter. We made different shapes and added various seasonings and flavours. Lots of fun!

Manorhey: Inter-generational Activities Afternoon

Today we took a trip to the community activities centre ‘The Toy House’. We spent time with the young children who came for ‘Stay and Play’. It was lovely to see our residents interacting with a different generation. We cant

We always enjoy a laugh while doing our exercises together at ‘Boogie Beats’ club!

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