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Woodland Care Home

One of our residents had her 3 daughters visit from USA, Canada and London. This is the first time they have been photographed together for more than 30 years!! They all had such a lovely day spending quality time together

We picked some lovely apples from our tree in the garden and our cook Loretta is making an apple crumble with them for the residents

One of our lovely residents, had a surprise visit from his granddaughter who lives in New Zealand, she came with her mother to visit nearly every day she was here, they all had such a wonderful time and it was

We had some new games this week and the residents really enjoyed using them. Joan especially enjoyed the Lego and Derek was taken by the magnets.

Yesterday our 3 care staff completed their training and became full Care Practitioners. Jessica, Lucas and Caroline will assist the nurses with their daily duties. Woodland sends many congratulations to the team, we wish them best wishes for their new

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