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Events at Thorntree Mews

April Events at Thorntree Mews

3rd April – Monday Club at Thornhill Community Centre 6th April – The Gentlemen’s Club 10th April – Falkirk Football Stadium Reminiscence 10th April – The Monday Club at Thornhill Community Centre 12th April – Trip to Kirkcady and meal

March Events at Thorntree Mews

2nd March – The Shoogilie Road Comp perform ‘Mr Fair Lady’ 6th March – The Monday club at Thornhill Community Centre 9th March – The Gentlemen’s Club bar lunch at local pub 13th March – Football reminiscence at Falkirk Stadium

Thorntree Mews – Christmas Events

We have plenty of Christmas events coming up throughout December. Please see below a list below of what we will be up to – Wednesday 7th December – Making Christmas Cards Thursday 8th December – Panto ‘A Christmas Carol’ Friday

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