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The Westbourne

Westbourne – A minor inconvenience – Not even major road works that encroached on to the footpath could prevent Westbourne resident Yvonne from enjoying her trip into the village. A slight diversion and we were soon passing three pubs, two

Westbourne – A good book – Westbourne resident, Lillian takes time out from more physical activities to enjoy a good book.

Westbourne – World Cup Winner – Although not a football fan, Westbourne domestic Britney was delighted to win the staff sweepstake. Britney kindly donated a portion of her winnings to the residents fund.

Westbourne – Dancing Queens. Be it Abba, The Beatles or Doris Day, music bridges the age gap. Carer, Georgina and resident, Irene dance away to a sixties summer hit.

The Westbourne – Smiles and concentration. Phyllis takes great delight in having her nails done. However, looking good is a serious business at the Westbourne.

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