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Skell Lodge Residential Home

All residents had a fantastic time celebrating Cupcake Week! Even the staff got to enjoy some of the delicious cakes that were made by our wonderful residents.

The residents have collected flower and leaves to press for the gift cards to sell at the Christmas Fair.

The residents of Skell Lodge packing boxes of fruit and vegetables to give to the residents of Ripon and Bondgate green court. This activity came about because of the closure of sainsburys due to pot holes appearing in the store.

Skell residents enjoyed a great game of Bingo and they have finally finished their art projects!!

Skell’s Activity List for August

August Activity List Wednesday 1st – Morning:1-2-1 with residents (What’s in my room?!) Afternoon: Arts & Crafts Thursday 2nd – Morning: 1-2-1 with Residents (What’s in my room?!) Afternoon: Sing a long / Toss & Talk about Friday 3rd –

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