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Rose Lodge Care Home

We had a lovely morning in our front garden. We have been playing ‘games for the brain’ ahead of dementia week, including match-the-song-title puzzles. This is a great game to reminisce and sing old songs. We also enjoyed a cuppa

Thank you to Elliot and James from the well being group at the PCP centre. We had a lovely activities afternoon with games including curling, dominoes and word-searches. They always provide a lovely sponge cake and tea and coffee.

To get into the Royal Wedding spirit, Evelyn choose a chose a book on the royal family during the recent library bus visit.

Jean and Dot enjoying a double pamper in our nail salon.

Thank you to all the lovely staff at Coral Bookmakers for a great morning of tea and coffee, chatting, and a few games of bingo. We have been kindly invited there every week.

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