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Events at Parkview House

Pizzas and Dancing at Parkview!

Residents loved making their pizzas and eating them this week! They also were invited to the local Church to watch the women from the local area dance! They then came in to Parkview to see us! We are going to go

Parkview Bowls

Residents are enjoying their new regular activities.  They had fun bowling the other afternoon. A little bit of competition, never hurt anyone! Nice to see everyone smiling!

Memory Walk

The members of staff at Parkview are taking part in the “Memory Walk” in Hylands Park, Chelsmford on the 17th September. Every one welcome to either come and join in or cheer us on. It’s all in aid of the “Alzheimer’s Society” a charity close

Parkview welcomes Chigwell Primary

Chigwell Primary School visited Parkview last week! They all did a lot of activities and the residents absolutely loved it!  The children played instruments, sang and had a good old natter with the residents!  We can’t wait to see them again!

Having a boogie at Parkview!

This month Parkview have had a selection of entertainers in, but none went down as well as on our Tea Party for the Queen on the 5th of June and Open day on the 16th! Residents enjoyed tonnes of cake,

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