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Events at Oaklands

Gardening Today we started preparing for our doorstep challenge by potting some plants. we potted busy lissies and marigolds. We spoke about the colours and how much we liked bright flowers. Scent Bags Today’s activity was sensory based, we spent

We’ve been busy making paper decorations for our summer fete! It’s tricky work making pinwheels but they came out beautiful and perfect for a circus theme!

Sensory Garden: Wind chimes! We continued working on our sensory garden today by painting some butterfly wind chimes. We were unsure at first that they would come out okay but in the end we loved them! and thought they looked

Baking Club We’ve been at it again in Baking Club and this time some of the residents got to grips with an electric whisk for the first time! It’s always good to try something new and the ladies did brilliantly.

We’ve been making trinket boxes recently, we assembled, painted and decorated them to our individual tastes and preferences and they look brilliant! What a nice way to personalise our rooms with something we made ourselves.

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