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Events at Monread Lodge

Monread – Animal and Insect Hangings

Our talented craft group made these animal and insect hangings for their rooms.

Monread Lodge -Feeding the birds

We have started a “Film Club” and enjoyed our first DVD today-Little Women. We are looking forward to seeing lots more class favourites. We have also had busy mornings filling up the bird feeders around the home. We have so

Monread Lodge – Guys and Dolls Entertainment

Residents enjoyed a lively afternoon of music. They sang and danced to their favourite tunes sung by Paul from the pop group Guys and Dolls.

Monread Lodge – Royal Wedding Decorations

Putting up our decorations, ready to celebrate the Royal Wedding with a Tea Party on Saturday.

Monread Lodge – Aqua Painting

Using just water we painted some beautiful pictures and when dry they go blank -so we can create some masterpieces again and again!!

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