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Monread Lodge Nursing Home

Monread Lodge – Birthday Celebrations

We all love a party and Terry really enjoyed his birthday with a beautiful cake made by a member of staff.

Monread Lodge – Feeding the birds

We took advantage of a lovely sunny morning to put up some new bird feeders. We have some beautiful birds in our grounds and regularly enjoy seeing Jays, Woodpeckers and others outside our windows.

Monread Lodge – Cottages

Our Knebworth Court Residents enjoyed arranging these little model cottages on the windowsills. Each cottage has a different name and we have had fun chatting about them.

Monread – Flower Arranging

Our expert flower arranger’s latest creation. We love to arrange vases to display around our home.

Monread Lodge – Twister with a twist

We invented a twister with a twist game. Our residents enjoy throwing bean bag on different coloured spots which have different letters of the alphabet. We then ask residents to think of something that begins with that letter, e.g a

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