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Events at Mary Chapman Court

As January is always such a depressing month we have all tried to keep busy and think of spring being just around the corner. We have lots of chair exercise, music events, as well as our regular visit from the

Mary Chapman have a relaxed week after Christmas events. Enjoying arm chair exercises.

We here at Mary Chapman have been very busy over Christmas and the New Year with all our events! We had Carol Singers, Christmas Song afternoons, children from the local church performed a nativity play, we had the residents Christmas

We’ve had a really busy build-up to Christmas this year. We have had Choirs, Children’s Nativity, Christmas Cake Decorating, we have made our own decorations for the reception area, staff carol singer and ,Residents Christmas party. Whew………lots of fun!

We had a visit from Hayley who played her guitar to our residents. She had a country and western style of music and kept everyone entertain with songs of their choice. We sang with her and she even brought along

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