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Hope Green Residential Home

Hello, please join us on Friday 18th May, 3 – 4pm at our Dementia Awareness Coffee Afternoon. Meet, Chat and exchange experiences with like minded people. All welcome

We all enjoyed the sunshine last week, especially Ida and Patrick, we sat in the sun and did some bird watching. It was great.

Coco came and visited again this past weekend, after a nice long walk around the home, which consisted of lots of cuddles and treats, Coco settled nicely next to our ladies.

On Saturday we had the lovely Musical Delights to join us, and as always everyone singing and dancing.Lovely time had by all.

Our lovely Janet played this piano this morning for everyone, she was given a big round of applause! Afterwards she informed us about being on ITV for Easter ‘Mum’s-day’ Well done Janet!

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