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Events at Dussindale Park

Magic at Dussindale Park

A magical week at Dussindale Park with a visit from Jake Ace and his wonderful tricks.  The magic amazed everyone and we all laughed the whole way through! We have been busy this month as we also had a visit

Bingo for Dussindale Park!

This week we’ve had residents smiling and singing along to our wonderful singer, Kyle. We also enjoyed our regular bingo session, lots of eye’s down accompanied by tea and biscuits.

Dussindale – Activities

We’ve had some fantastic activities this week keeping us all busy. Cliff as if came into to sing for us(and tell his silly jokes), which had us all singing and laughing. We have also been busy playing cards and Bingo

Dussindale Park – Busy week

Last week was another fun packed week here at Dussindale. We had a fantastic visit from the Zoolab who brought in snakes, lizards and giant snails, the residents enjoyed holding them and asking questions about the animals. We have also

Dussindale – Spring Planting

We’ve had our green fingers at the ready this week with lots of planting. We’re growing peppers, spinach, peas, flowers and of course cress which we’ll be enjoying in some yummy egg sandwiches. Also we’ve had a lovely Church service

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