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Events at Clumber Court

We began the day decorating the small lounge with bridal dresses, bridesmaid outfits, wedding memorabilia and pictures of both royal weddings and our residents own wedding pictures. We then sat down to watch the ceremony, chat about what the guests

The celebrations continued throughout the day but the highlight was Melody Lane performing for us in the afternoon. They played a range of different instruments including saxophones, clarinets, flutes, tin whistles and a mandolin. They wowed us all with their

It was such a wonderful day and an honour to be celebrating a 100th birthday in our home. Everybody was in great spirits and enjoyed a fancy tea party with luscious strawberry’s and cream for desert as well as a

Ten green bottles in the market square is a great place to socialise and relax. We enjoyed hot drinks and lots of cakes whilst having a laugh and playing a few games. On the way home the sunshine made an

Since the beginning of April a wonderful selfless group of volunteers from St Josephs Church have been visiting us fortnightly for our new Religious sessions. The group is led by Jim Anderson and Father John who give up their time

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