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Chaucer House Care Home

Chaucer House – Let the (doorstep) challenge begin….

We started the next step of our doorstep challenge! Megan, Charlotte and some of the residents painted the planter and started to put in the plants. It was really good fun and everyone enjoyed themselves doing it.

Chaucer House – brainstorming session

The ‘Doorstep Challenge’ is a Company initiative looking at ways our residents can redesign the entrance to their home.  We all got together and had a brainstorm to settle on the theme, and we had a look at lots of pictures

Chaucer house – Mini bus trip to a shopping centre

Charlotte and Megan took Leonora, Peter and Margaret, using our minibus, to Westwood Cross and we had a lovely time wandering around the shops, followed by a cup of tea and a piece of cake in Marks and Spencer.

Chaucer House – Reminiscing about the musical theatre

We held a Creative Talk about Musicals. There were video clips, photos, interesting facts about the history of the musicals and much more…

Chaucer House – Open Day

On Friday 16th June we held our 2nd open day for members of the public to show how beautiful our home is and all that we have to offer. In the morning we held a fun time multi sensory quiz with

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