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Chaucer House Care Home

Chaucer House – Wake up and shake it out !!

Every Wednesday we have a chair based exercise class to music. Everyone loves the exercise and singing along. Afterwards everyone enjoyed a nice hot drink and a good chat. It was a great morning and Joan was bursting with energy

Chaucer House – Music for health

Wow! what a fabulous session we had! filled with singing, dancing and using musical instruments. And at the end we put our knowledge to the test by taking part in a fun music quiz!

Chaucer House – goodbye to our temporary guests…

For Easter we had 6 ducklings stay with us for 10 days. Everyone loved looking after the ducks and watching them hatch.

For the competition the people that live at Chaucer House decided to do a Mad Hatters Tea party from Alice In Wonderland. We created lots of playing cards all different sizes, set up a table for the tea party with

Chaucer House – Residents Artwork Part 2

This painting was also done by Lenard, it is of a landscape from his memory. It was made using watercolours. SKM_C3350170314133900 This sketch of a boat was done from memory and in pencil. Ian drew this boat and told me

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