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Birch Heath Lodge

Residents enjoyed using the parachute. We tried and had some success with keeping the ball on the parachute. Residents had good hand to eye coordination and enjoyed the exercise.

Some residents enjoyed a game of domino’s. Residents suggested to have a competition ‘winner stays on’. This led the game to be a lot of fun and we had plenty of laughs. But the outright winner was Ray. Well done

Our residents have been making a Dwaili wreath as we are celebrating the Hindu festival on the 19th October. This is just one of the our crafts for the festival of light. Residents have been making candles and colouring in

Some of our residents enjoyed an afternoon art therapy session. Residents were asked to paint flowers. Jack who was facilitating the session helped residents with colours and encouraged them in their artwork. Residents thoroughly enjoyed the session, lots of conversations

Our week started off with the exciting news that our residents hard work and gardening skills had paid of. We were awarded runner up in the summer Doorstep Challenge. Our residents were proud of their achievement’s and especially being awarded

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