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Allingham House

We were joined again by the lovely children from our neighbouring nursery who joined our residents with the fun at our Music therapy class. Our music therapist read the ‘Gingerbread man’ and incorporated music into the story. Great fun had

In our recent ‘Music 4 Health’ session Helen prepared pom-poms, musical instruments, batons, calming music, imaginative dance, singalong and trivia. We sang along to 60s pop hits and guessed the title of songs and name of singers. The atmosphere was

Residents enjoying a pub trip to Moss trooper.

Our cheese and wine party was enjoyed by the residents and guests. They had fun singing with the pianist, David Morgan. In between the performance David cracked some jokes which had us all laughing along. Everyone had a drink and

We used oasis and fresh flowers in our flower arranging afternoon. The finish bouquets were displayed on every floor.

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