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Allingham House

One family member helped in trimming the fresh flowers used in our flower arranging activity. We had different kinds of flowers like roses, carnation, etc. The finished bouquets were displayed in the lounge and dining area of each floor.

The bright horizon nursery came and joined in our music therapy session. Lisa, the Music therapist, prepared different props for the activity. Everyone took part in singing. Our residents were blissful with the little ones!

Cheese and wine had a very good turned out. It was well attended by our residents and their families. Debbie McCormick did her usual bubbly performance!

We did some daffodil arranging in celebration of St David’s day. We also planted various flower seeds in pots. Some of the residents opted to keep theirs in their bedroom. In a week or two, it should starts to grow…

We celebrated “World book day” with the help of Lisa, a volunteer. She read a book about a little boy who wants to play with the snow. She also read a poem about a cat being rescued from a tree.

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