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We have had another busy week at Carmel Lodge , with all of our usual activities and much more !

Some of our residents went into Poynton for tea & coffee, we then looked round the charity shops choosing some items for our reminiscence area..

We have also had our weekly visit to St Georges church, which is always a lovely service, followed by tea and a catch up with the congregation

We have been joined this week by a student on work experience from Poynton High School, which was lovely for our residents to have interaction with the
Younger generation.. together we have baked , played bingo, board games, exercised and had our weekly armchair ballet class.

Our weekly quiz champion was Ethel who was presented with a winners certificate .

Some residents also enjoyed manicures and massages.

We had a great turnout for our choir & poetry recital, which is something we hope to continue next week

Love from the Carmel Lodge Team..