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We have been blessed with more glorious weather this week which has put everyone in high spirits.

There has been lots going on in the home with many residents joining in.

Earlier in the week we did an intense armchair workout, which focused on every muscle group.

We had a general knowledge quiz which saw nine of our residents battling it out for the winning title, we also caught up on current affairs and enjoyed a
Get together with a wartime sing a long

In ballet class this week we did free movement to the works of leo Delibes , from the ballet Coppelia….. Free movement is a less focused class with the emphasis on expression through musical movement.

One of our residents has enjoyed a visit to the local Church, for their weekly Thursday service. The congregation there are always so welcoming and this week we were invited to join in the birthday
Celebrations with tea and cake after service.

Today ( Friday) seven of our residents successfully baked some chocolate chip buns, one lady in particular really enjoyed this activity , explaining that this was one of her favourite past time at home, and she never expected to be baking again !

The best part for most was enjoying their buns with a nice cup of tea.

We all enjoyed this week

Best wishes from Carmel Lodge