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Another Eventful week at Carmel Lodge .

Today we held our very first ever sports day , which saw a group of our more agile and competitive residents battle it out to win one of the gold medals up for grabs…

First up we had the egg & spoon race , much to her dismay our winner from the Easter egg and spoon race dropped and smashed her egg on the start line and was disqualified…
That left the remaining two to go head to head to clinch the winning title.
Next we had the long distance bean bag shot put, which saw some pretty impressive entries !!… followed by the target shot bean bag throw, many of our residents competed in this section
As they could take part from the comfort of their armchair.
Last but not least we had the blind folded pin the dummy on the baby which consequently was hilarious to watch.
At the end the points were totalled up and there were three winners who were all awarded golden medals to celebrate whilst fellow residents and staff applauded.

In contrast to our lively morning we finished the day with a gentle stretch and musical workshop….listening to the Viennese waltz including the melancholy waltz from Finland ‘Valse Triste’
And the French ‘la petite valse’

A great day was had by all

Kind regards from all at Carmel Lodge