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It has been another beautifully sunny week here at Carmel Lodge .

Our residents have enjoyed some light gardening, outdoor walks, a countryside drive, dance class, hand massage and a trip to St Georges church in Poynton to participate in their Thursday morning worship.
We were invited for tea and cake after the service with some members of the parish .

The highlight of the week was the visit from the Zoo-Lab in Yorkshire… Our residents had the opportunity to see a variety of creatures and animals… First we had Tom the giant land snail who was bold enough to
Venture out of this shell to say hello followed by Gizmo the horsefield tortoise who was probably the most popular with our residents. Next we met Ambush the corn bush snake . one of our residents was very brave and happily
Posed for a photo with Ambush draped around her neck !. Next was Lillian the giant African Millipede, a couple of residents held her in the palm of their hand and found her many legs rather tickly!!
Last bur probably the most memorable was Charlotte the Chillian Rose Tarantula who was thankfully viewed from inside her enclosure. She proved to be a source of entertainment even after her departure from Carmel Lodge
When we managed to convince our Manager, Emma, that she had been accidentally left behind and was on the loose around Carmel Lodge … but that’s another story entirely !!!

Until next week .. Kind regards from Team Carmel Lodge .